Plastisol Ink – Textile Screen Printing Ink

Spectrachem, after the purchase of CJ Inks, offers Plastisol Inks for the Textile Screen Printing Industry. Our Plastisol Inks are the finest inks available in the industry. Spectrachem Plastisol inks are Ready For Use (RFU) products widely used in textile screen printing. Plastisol inks are PVC based and have an advantage of not drying out on screens because they do not set until heat cured.

Spectrachem also offers Ready For Use (RFU) Aquabase water based pigment dispersions widely used in textile screen printing applications where lower viscosity and/or a water based product is desirable.

Our White Plastisol Ink is the highest opacity ink in the industry.

All of our Plastisol Inks are Non-Phthalate and lead free to meet environmental regulations.

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Plastisol Ink – Textile Screen Printing Ink
Code Description
PL710 High Opacity White
PL715 EX. White
PL720 Flexiverse Black
PL782 Flexiverse Golden Yellow
PL785 Flexiverse Orange
PL790 Extended Base
PL795 Clear Gel